Determine your core values

Choose the words from the list below that feel like a core value to you personally, not what you think someone else would want to hear from you.  


There are no wrong answers, if they are answered honestly.  


Also, if you think of a value you possess that’s not on the list, make sure you add it.  

You may find it useful to print this page off or use sticky notes to write down 1 word per note.

***If viewing on a mobile device, you may need to see the list further down the page


Health, humour, adventure, professionalism, appreciation, self motivation, being the best, caring, learning, challenge, warmth, dependability, usefulness, risk-taking, stability, flexibility, truth, recognition, loyalty, responsibility, cheerfulness, making a difference, advocacy, encouragement, internationalism, understanding, achievement, simplicity, boldness, happiness, success, generosity, well-being, wealth, passion, expertise, certainty, independence, love, safety, popularity, playfulness, daring, personal development, travel, charity, dedication, curiosity, self-control, harmony, consistency, integrity, brilliance, resourcefulness, inspiration, enthusiasm, cooperation, humility, mindfulness, calmness, versatility, diversity, relationships, decisiveness, power, open-mindedness, intelligence, advancement, grace, benevolence, abundance, attractiveness, wisdom, brilliance, credibility, peace, trustworthiness, compassion, zeal, recognition, intuition, professionalism, flexibility, perfection, kindness, security, freedom, centre of attention, ethics, problem-solving, expressiveness, opportunity, Contribution, proactive, autonomy, commitment, money, ambition, vision, proactivity, originality, performance, growth, security, teamwork, knowledge, responsiveness, resilience, go with the flow, physical challenge, preparedness, fairness, leadership, acceptance, equality, accountability, community, fun, excellence, collaboration, quality, traditionalism, joy, optimism, service, uniqueness, giving back, innovation, selflessness, faith, thankfulness, thoughtfulness, family, autonomy, change, reliability, spirituality, adaptability, empathy, uncertainty, spontaneity, punctuality, responsibility, competition, balance, individuality, stability, cleverness, honesty, cheerfulness, creativity, inclusiveness, friendship, external motivation...