Rank your core values



The Core Values Ranking process involves comparing each of your core values to one another. Start by transferring your Top 5 Core Values / Group descriptors into the hexagons to the right. 


1.    Compare the value you’ve placed in hex 1, to the value in hex 2. Which of these two things is most important to you? Is one of them necessary in order for the other to exist? Draw an arrow from one hex to the other, with the head of the arrow pointing towards the value that is most important to you. 


2.    Continue by comparing the value in hex 1 to the values in hex’s 3 through 5, drawing an arrow toward whichever one of the two is your most important value in each case. 


3.    Working around the diagram, move to comparing the value in hex 2 to each of the values in hex 3 through 5, then the value in hex 3 to values 4 and 5, and so on, until each of your values has been compared to the 4 others, with an arrow pointing toward the most important one in each case. 


4.    Count the number of arrows that point to each value hexagon. The value with the most arrows pointing to it is your top value; the one with the second highest number of arrows pointing to it is your second strongest value and so on.